About Us

The Boston Club is a community of women executives and professionals that promotes the advancement of women to significant and visible leadership roles.

Founded in 1976 by a handful of women dedicated to diversifying leadership at Fortune 500 companies and beyond, The Boston Club has grown into one of the largest organizations for women executive and professional leaders in the Northeast. We represent an impressive cross-section of industries and sectors, and encompass top-tier corporate executives, entrepreneurs, attorneys, financial advisers, strategic marketing consultants, college presidents and nonprofit leaders. All of us have demonstrated substantial accomplishments in our fields, leadership in our communities, and support for other women in business. Together we represent a powerful range of skill, culture and perspective.

The Boston Club’s mission is to impel the advancement of women to top leadership positions across all sectors of the economic landscape. Our core belief is that more women in significant and visible leadership roles will mean better business performance and strengthened economic health in our communities.

The Boston Club members are women in senior leadership positions, women well on their way and women at the height of their careers. Our activities and initiatives offer something of value for everyone.

Members join to access a group of peers for collaborative problem solving. They join to be inspired by well-known speakers. They join to find a mentor or to serve as a mentor themselves. They join to access board opportunities and to receive training to become an effective board member. They join to enrich themselves by engaging with other women executives on issues of common interest. The Boston Club provides the opportunities. Each of us takes advantage of them as our professional and personal lives allow. Whenever we need The Boston Club, it is there for us.

Networking alone won’t open locked doors. We need to advocate as well. This is why we say The Boston Club is both a club and a cause.

To advance the cause, The Boston Club convenes an advisory board of influential executives who help us educate corporate leaders on the benefits of diversity at the highest echelons. Additionally, we run both corporate and nonprofit board placement services in which we identify and recommend qualified women candidates. We also produce an annual progress report on the inclusiveness achieved by Massachusetts’ top 100 public companies.

Another critically important strategy is developing partnerships with local prestigious corporations. In exchange for support for our events and initiatives, corporate partners receive membership opportunities for their senior women and recognition as employers that value and invest in the largest sector of today’s work force.