The Boston Club was established in 1976 as a luncheon club for women to come together, enjoy each other’s company and celebrate each other's successes.

As the organization grew and the membership became more diverse, The Boston Club became an association of professional women who worked together to effect change.  No longer content with just "being" and meeting other women, The Boston Club wanted to be an organization that "did things."  We became a club and a cause.

The evolution of The Boston Club is very much a reflection of the changes occurring in our society and in the fabric of the workplace in Boston. Today our focus is on advancing women leaders to significant and visible leadership roles. What follows are the highlights of the Club’s milestones and accomplishments since our founding.

The Boston Club’s Milestones and Accomplishments

1976 The Luncheon Club founded with first five members
1979 Corporate Board Resource Committee formed to advocate for consideration of women for corporate board seats
1981 The Boston Club publishes the first Directory of Qualified Women Board Candidates
1982 The Boston Club rallies support for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment in Massachusetts
1985 The Boston Club awards its first Women’s Leadership Award to recognize corporations that supported the advancement of women
1990 The Boston Club conducts and publishes the first annual Census of Women Directors and Executive Officers of Massachusetts Public Companies
1991 NonProfit Board Resource Committee formed to direct more qualified women candidates to the boards of charitable organizations and government councils
1995 First Corporate Salute held, recognizing Massachusetts Public Companies with more than two women in their boardrooms and executive suites
1996 The Boston Club receives its first corporate sponsorship for $6,000
1996 First Corporate Board Education program held to help prepare prospects for corporate board membership
1997 First Community Salute held, honoring women’s volunteer efforts in their communities
1999 The Boston Club publishes a study of women’s leadership styles conducted in partnership with the Radcliffe Public Policy Institute
2000 The Nonprofit Board Resource committee achieves its 100th nonprofit board placement
2001 The Boston Club publishes its census of the pipeline of women leaders in top Massachusetts companies to demonstrate the availability of women for board seats
2002 The Boston Club organizes and leads 25 other women’s organizations in hosting the first Massachusetts gubernatorial candidates forum addressing issues of interest to women in business
2003 The Boston Club expands its annual census to include Executive Officers of Massachusetts Public Companies
2004 The Boston Club leads formation of ION, the federation of executive and professional women’s organizations from fourteen states
2004 The Boston Club launches its member-to-member mentoring program
2007 The Corporate Board Resource committee achieves its 50th corporate board placement
2009 The Securities and Exchange Commission recognizes The Boston Club’s efforts prompting it to create a new rule requiring public companies to disclose more information about board diversity and director qualifications
2011 The Boston Club celebrates its 35th anniversary
2012 The Boston Club's Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Program celebrates its tenth anniversary--over 35% of members have participated.
2013 The Boston Club publishes the first Census of Women Directors and Chief Executives of Massachusetts' Largest Nonprofit Organizations