A great way for members to get involved in The Boston Club is to join a committee.

Our committees drive most of the activities of The Club. For example, the Program Committee develops and executes most of our programs; the Corporate Board Committee does the legwork to advance our cause with the region’s business community; the NonProfit Board Committee identifies openings for Club members to fill. You can read more complete descriptions of all of our committees below.

Rita B. Allen

The Executive Committee is the top management team of The Club. It is led by The Boston Club president, and includes the vice president, treasurer, secretary and executive director. This team meets regularly to track our membership growth and confirm financial stability, as well as to discuss items of import such as member satisfaction, sponsorship growth and the expansion of board opportunities for women. The president’s term lasts for two years, at which time she is succeeded by the current vice president. Email Rita. 


Our goal is to increase the number of qualified women on boards and executive suites until it is proportionate to their presence in the work force. With the help of our Advisory Board of top area executives, we promote the benefits of leadership diversity to Companies throughout the region. Through these efforts, we identify openings on corporate boards and search for qualified women to recommend as candidates. In addition, the committee supports members interested in board service through educational series and other programs. We also plan and execute The Club’s annual Corporate Salute. Email Hilary

Corinne Larson

Our objective is to build relationships with corporations and identify potential partnering opportunities while increasing revenues for The Boston Club by securing corporate sponsorships. Committee and Club members serve as liaisons to sponsor companies to enhance the value The Boston Club provides, responding to their needs and enhancing these relationships. Email Corinne. 

Donna Bonaparte
Diversity & Inclusion Committee Chair : Donna Bonaparte

This Committee advances the Club’s strategic goal involving diversity, inclusion and engagement. We assist Club efforts to address and measurably improve awareness and sensitivity, as well as the diversity and inclusion of all women leaders in our activities and membership. Our work includes programming suggestions with a representation of Boston’s changing diverse demographic, as well as themes and issues relevant to that demographic. We help guide the President, Board and Committee Chairs regarding an increasingly deliberate and valued approach to diversity and inclusion. We foster external partnerships for the Club that enable a mutually beneficial programming relationship. Email Donna. 

Jennifer Erskine
GOVERNANCE COMMITTEE Chair : Jennifer Erskine

The Governance Committee’s main focus is to identify candidates for Club leadership positions. Committee members serve as liaisons to committee chairs, helping them structure their committees and recruit members to succeed in executing their annual plans. Our committee also surveys our board on its performance, especially with respect to strategic development, diversity and communication. Email Jennifer

Wendy Vincent

We are The Club’s strategic marketing group. Our mandate is to position The Boston Club to internal and external audiences as a premier club for women leaders. We increase awareness of The Club, promote Club events and programs, drive internal communication including via social media, survey member satisfaction and recommend initiatives to continually refresh The Club’s offering. The committee also publicizes The Club’s accomplishments, including the annual census of women directors and officers in Massachusetts companies. Email Wendy

Danielle Sheer

Our goal is to attract a diverse membership of women leaders representing a broad professional spectrum. Our core function is to solicit and review applications for membership, recommend new members to The Club’s board of directors, and then ensure a warm welcome for new members. Our committee members act as ambassadors to new members, accompanying them to programs, introducing them to committee chairs, and ensuring that new members understand how to partake of The Club’s large and varied offering. Email Danielle

Kathleen E. Lynch
NONPROFIT BOARD COMMITTEE Co-Chairs : Kathleen E. Lynch & Carol Thomas

Our committee actively solicits placement opportunities on boards of nonprofit organizations and governmental agencies and commissions and then recommends qualified and interested Club members to fill the opening. In addition, the committee supports members interested in board service through educational series and other programs. We also plan and execute The Club’s Community Salute, for which we identify an area nonprofit as recipient of The Boston Club’s Annual Advancement Award. Email Kathleen. Email Carol

PROGRAM COMMITTEE Co-Chairs : Nancy Israel & Marianne Herlihy

The Program Committee designs, plans and executes The Club’s Leadership Programs and social gatherings. Our core responsibility is to deliver programming that meets the needs of Club members for information, perspectives, skills acquisition and network building. Our committee generates the ideas for topics, content and speakers for every program, event and gathering, often soliciting members’ input in the process. New program ideas are also generated within our committee. Email Nancy. Email Marianne.  

Fredia R. Woolf
STRATEGIC PLANNING Chair : Fredia R. Woolf

Our committee orchestrates the annual planning process for The Club. Through this process, we ensure alignment of the activities of all committees with The Club’s goals for growth. Committee members serve as liaisons to each committee chair to assist with identifying and prioritizing the initiatives that best advance The Club’s mission. At mid-year, our committee assesses progress toward annual objectives and recommends adjustments to the plan as necessary. Email Fredia

Technology Committee Chair : Joan Kennedy

Technology’s mission is to help The Boston Club grow and scale its operations, enhance membership experience and facilitate communities of members through process and technology infrastructure improvements. It recommends on-going organization and management models to provide for continuous process review and improvement and technology innovation. In conjunction with Committees, it selects new projects and enhancements, and prepares specifications and budgets. Through project facilitation and management, it assures successful implementation of projects. Email Joan.