Member Dues

Most members join the Club as Regular members. 

For women whose home and primary workplace are more than 50 miles from Boston, we offer Associate membership. This level of membership assumes that attendance will be less frequent, but Associate Members are always welcome at Club events and are billed the member charge for attending.

Our third category is School Street Circle Members, women who are age 60+ and have been Boston Club members for 7 or more years.

A $650 one-time initiation fee applies to all new members. The annual dues for Regular members are $600.00; for Associate members are $150.00; and are $250.00 for School Street Circle members. Dues for new members are pro-rated to the end of the Club’s fiscal year on June 30.

All members have access to The Boston Club’s services and resources, including our monthly electronic newsletter, access to board openings, and access to The Boston Club website and online Membership Directory.

Members are always welcome to invite guests to attend Club events and programs. The guest charge varies by event, but is always included on event announcements.