New Member Sponsorship

Sponsor a New Member

We depend on our current members to keep the Club’s pipeline of new members filled with qualified candidates. To that end, we have simplified the application process to reduce obstacles while still ensuring a selective process.  To sponsor a new member, first consult the Member Criteria  or the Membership Committee to assess your candidate’s viability.

The process from there is straightforward. After the candidate fills out her application and identifies her sponsor, provides the sponsor’s email address, the sponsor automatically receives notification with a request to complete a sponsor recommendation form.

When a candidate has been approved, she and her sponsor will receive formal notification, and she will be asked to pay her initiation fee and pro-rated annual membership dues. She will be contacted by an Ambassador who, along with her sponsor, introduces her to Club activities and members. We believe that welcoming new members into the Club is very important to long term satisfaction, and we have several programs tailored to new members, including Directors’ Table lunches and new member breakfasts.

For more information, or for any questions you may have about sponsoring a new member, please email us at