Programs & Events

Signature Events

Recognizing Women’s Leadership in Business and the Community

  • Corporate Salute  Promotes gender diversity in the boardroom and executive suite, and recognizes New England companies that value women’s contributions
  • Community Salute  Celebrates women’s leadership in  nonprofit and community organizations that improve the lives and opportunities for girls and women
  • Watch videos of the Keynote speeches from Corporate and Community Salutes. 

Leadership Programs

Connecting Members and Providing Professional and Personal Support

  • Distinguished Leaders Series  Keynote addresses and panel discussions probe challenges facing women leaders across entrepreneurial, nonprofit and corporate industry sectors
  • Leading in the New Workplace  Workshops and themed webinars address the new skills required to succeed in today’s wired, complex and ever changing workplace
  • Women on Board Series  Provides pragmatic, instructive and well informed  training for women serving, or looking to serve, on corporate and nonprofit boards
  • Affinity Groups  Year long program creates meaningful  connections within a small group of Club members sharing common interests and passions
  • Directors’ Table  Relaxed luncheon environments create opportunities to engage  with Club leadership and connect with organization and committee initiatives
  • Peer to Peer Mentoring  Builds a powerful relationship with another member while exploring issues of professional, intellectual and personal growth

Business Meetings

Doing the Business of the Club

  • Annual Meeting  Spring dinner reception elects directors and officers and reports on significant initiatives of the Club’s current year
  • Committee Meetings  Standing committees meet monthly to conduct the business and outreach of the Club, including programs, governance, technology and marketing

Social Gatherings

Engaging New and Prospective Members

  • New Member Reception  Board members and committee chairs welcome new members and share ways to become engaged
  • Prospective Member Lunch  Club president and board members provide prospective members the opportunity to learn about the benefits and dynamics of Club membership
  • Winter Fest  Mid-Winter cocktail reception provides social celebration and connection  for Club members and guests
  • Annual Golf Event  Mid-summer outing and dinner provides networking opportunity for golfers of all levels