Our Sponsors

The Boston Club is a community of women executive and professional leaders that promotes the advancement of women to significant and visible leadership roles.

Founded in 1976 by a handful of women dedicated to diversifying leadership at Fortune 500 companies and beyond, The Boston Club has grown into one of the largest organizations of its kind in the Northeast. We represent an impressive cross-section of industries and sectors, and encompass top-tier executives and entrepreneurs, attorneys, financial advisers, strategic marketing consultants, college presidents and nonprofit leaders. Together we represent a powerful range of skill, culture and perspective.

The Boston Club’s mission is to impel the advancement of women to top leadership positions across all sectors of the economic landscape. Our core belief is that more women in significant and visible leadership roles will mean better business performance and strengthened economic health in our communities.

Sponsorship of The Boston Club makes an important statement about your company to each of your stakeholders.

It tells your employees and recruits that you place great value on the contributions and leadership of women in your company. It tells your management team that consideration of diverse views is imperative. It tells your shareholders and customers that your company recognizes the immense purchasing power of women in the US – over $5 trillion annually, more than half of our GDP.

Sponsorship opportunities are customized to meet each sponsor’s needs.

Each of our events and programs – some 40 discrete gatherings of Club members and guests – is an opportunity for sponsorship. Our major annual events, the Corporate Salute in the fall and the Community Salute in the spring, are our most sought-after sponsorship opportunities. These events generally draw from 400 to 700 Club members and guests. We offer a menu of benefits to sponsors of these signature events, including on-site signage, product displays, VIP seating, web posting and hyperlinks, as well as inclusion in media releases and promotional efforts.

In addition to our signature events, The Boston Club offers Leadership Programs and social events that offer opportunities for sponsorship as well. Again, our Sponsorship Committee is happy to tailor sponsorships to the particular needs of the company. Please see our Programs and Events for more details on our programs.

We want your financial support…and your women.

Our events and programming would not be possible without the financial support of corporate sponsors. However, just as important to us is welcoming new Club members from sponsors’ companies. For companies interested in a multi-faceted relationship with The Boston Club, we offer a Partnership Initiative. Partnerships are customized to suit the needs of the company. Typically, membership in the Club is offered to qualified women from these companies. In addition, the Club can be a resource for speakers with expertise in specific business trends. We may also offer access to board opportunities for qualified women leaders. These partnerships start with two-way exchanges and result in creative intersections. They also prove to be triggers for important discussions with company leaders that can lead to clarification of goals and new initiatives for elevating women leaders within their companies. To learn more about the Club’s Partnership Initiative, email The Boston Club Office.

Please consider joining the formidable list of companies we are honored to have as sponsors.