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This page is intended as a resource for remaining up to date on discussions and research pertaining to our mission of advancing women leaders.

Advancing the Work of Unconscious Bias The Boston Club is committed to advancing diversity and inclusion through the strategic priorities of its Diversity and Inclusion Committee (DIC):

*  Education and Awareness *  Resources and Tools *  External Partnerships
Unconscious bias is one key area of focus and is an important aspect of leadership development. DIC members collaborate with other committees to examine this important topic. In addition to programming support, the DIC provides a tool kit of resources on unconscious bias. Our goal is to inspire self-reflection, conversations and meaningful action. We believe this enriches our TBC community and our individual leadership lenses.  Stay tuned for other resources, suggested events and forums.
Before you review the resources listed below, you are invited to bring your own self into this picture. Consider the ways discussed here to better understand your personal experiences and frames of reference.

Reading material and infographics Banaji, M., & Greenwald, A. (2013). Blindspot: Hidden biases of good people. New York: Delacorte Press. Barton, D. (9.27.16). It’s Time for Companies to Try a New Gender-Equality Playbook. Wall Street Journal. Retrieved 2.10.17 here

Choate, A., (11.30.16). Neuroleadership Lessons: Recognizing and Mitigating Unconscious Bias in the Workplace. Linked in. Retrieved 2.10.17 here

The Guiding Questions of The Boston Club  The growth of any organization comes with interaction, care, good listening and asking good questions. These factors are particularly helpful for integrating diverse and inclusive behaviors. The Guiding WQuestions apply to the design, planning, execution and outcome of all organized activity of The Boston Club. 

Lee, S. & Lebowitz, S. (2015). 20 cognitive biases that screw up your decisions. Business Insider. Retrieved 2.10.17 here

Video selections: Unconscious Bias and Ingrained Beliefs
Mahzarin Banaji on PBS

Who Me? Bias?

Are you biased? Kristen Pressner TEDx talk
Implicit Association Test

Professional Advancement



  • The Babson Center for Women’s Leadership offers programming and develops research dedicated to advancing the entrepreneurial leadership of women across organizations worldwide.
  • Catalyst is a leading advocacy and research organization that works with businesses and the professions to build inclusive environments and expand opportunities for women at work.
  • National Association of Women Executives provides education, networking and public advocacy in support of the advancement of women in business.

Board Representation


Census Reports

The Boston Club’s Census of Women Directors and Chief Executives of Massachusetts' Largest Nonprofit Organizations
2017: Modest Gains, Robust Benefits
2015: Stability Isn't Progress

2013: A Benchmark Report

The Boston Club’s Census of Women Directors and Executive Officers of Massachusetts Public Companies
2018: Winds of Change
2017: Full Disclosure

2016: Boardroom Progress But Not in the Executive Suite
2015: The Public Sector Weighs In
2014: No More Excuses

ION’s Status Report on Women Directors and Executive Officers in Multiple Regions of the United States

TBC Talks

Keynote speeches made at The Boston Club events. Informative, useful and groundbreaking.