A Message from Boston Club President

Happy Holidays! We are coming to the end of another calendar year and have much to celebrate and acknowledge at The Boston Club.

Through the last year, we learned our members are looking for Recognition for their achievements and expertise; Access to other women leaders, resources, business opportunities and the community as a whole; and Impact, to be able to make a difference in their work and within our mission of advancing women leaders and ultimately Showcasing Excellence. The Boston Club’s Core Purpose is to RAISE women in leadership and to support them in their ventures. This purpose provides a powerful bond and, as we’ve grown to 700 women, we value the diversity in our talents, interests, personal attributes, and professional accomplishments. The Boston Club is a multi-faced community that offers value to all, and last January we introduced our Personas to reflect the value members receive in a variety of ways.

Please take a moment to hear first-hand from our members representing the different personas that make up The Boston Club:

Christie Lindor
, Organizational Effectiveness Consultant, 3x Author, TEDx Speaker, and Podcaster – ‘Rising Star’ Persona
“From day one, the members of The Boston Club have welcomed me with open arms. As a result of the resources of the Club, I confidently landed my first nonprofit board seat and successfully published my first book. The networking, encouragement, and mentorship I have found with this sisterhood have helped me thrive personally and professionally.”

Tracy Berns,
 Chief Compliance Officer, AMAG Pharmaceuticals – ‘Corporate Executive’ Persona
“From my perspective as a corporate executive, the value of membership in The Boston Club is focused in two areas: personal/professional and societal. Primary in the personal/professional realm is the opportunity to network and engage with other members. The depth and breadth of the experience and talent embodied in the membership is astounding. The other important value that membership entails relates to being associated with an organization that is investing in important societal issues, focusing on progress of companies against goals of diversity and inclusion on corporate boards. Raising these topics up in a visible and credible way serves to move our society forward.”

Patricia Cotter
, Executive Director, Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship – ‘NonProfit Leader/Educator’ Persona
“I am the director of delta v, the capstone educational accelerator for MIT students run by the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship. As we guide student-entrepreneurs through an intense summer-long process, our volunteer board of directors is a very special part of the entrepreneurial mix. I always look to The Boston Club for board members – they bring diverse, real-life, outside perspectives to our startups. The Boston Club members share their substantial knowledge of business fundamentals and have tremendous networks that can help our entrepreneurs. Plus, by modeling diverse boards as the norm, our students realize the value that diversity brings to businesses.”

Denise Doyle, President, Stop Loss Insurance Brokers Inc.
 – ‘Independent Business Owner’ Persona
“The value I receive from the Boston Club as an independent business owner is being able to network with other independent business owners. I have engaged several members and their organizations to provide a needed area of expertise for my business. I also value the programs on topical subjects, such as Diversity and Inclusion, that The Boston Club offers. They provide our organization with useful information that is not always easily available to a small business.”

Victoria Wang, Principal and Co-Founder, The Story Exchange 
– ‘Mentor/Board Member’ Persona
“I was honored but scared when asked to chair the Club’s Mentoring program in its early years. However, it was such an exciting time meeting and getting to know so many members, seeing participants thrive being either a mentor or mentee, and to hear, years later, how the mentor/mentee pairs still keep in touch with each other. This program is still a high point for the Club and it will always be for me as well.”  

In the coming year, we will continue to build connections internally by sharing more member voices and stories like these – and we hope you’ll share your own member story of The Boston Club! And as you think about what the Club has meant for you, please spread the word…GET LOUD on behalf of The Boston Club and advancing women’s leadership! 


Rita B. Allen
President, The Boston Club