Affinity Groups Are For Everyone!

As a member of The Boston Club, you may be assessing the numerous opportunities available for connection within the Club. Events, lectures, panel discussions, committees, online learnings–you name it, we’ve got it! One of the more popular opportunities to connect with people who share common interests or simply a location is within our many Affinity Groups.

We have 17 Affinity Groups inside the Club, ranging in topics from Financial Services to Health and Life Sciences, North Shore to Dinner Club, Writer’s Talk Process and Product to Outdoor Club, Sudbury/Concord to Third Age.

What happens inside the Affinity Groups is as unique as the group itself. Michele Baillie runs the North Shore Affinity Group (recently taken back over from Diane Green) and says, “The North Shore group consists of TBC members who live and/or work North of Boston. We meet for dinner 4-6 times a year, usually at Su Chang’s in Peabody. The dinners are small–around 10 people–giving the members an opportunity to develop deeper relationships. The format of the group is informal, with each member having opportunities to suggest an activity or venue. The group is open, so anyone interested is welcome to attend.”

She continues, “We encourage our members to discuss wishes, challenges, and needs so that the others can help. Our members have been generous in offering introductions and suggestions.”

Rachel Rice runs the Sudbury/Concord Affinity Group and says, “Our purpose is get to know the group of TBC members who live and/or work in our neighborhoods. We get together about 1x/month for dinner and conversation. We either meet at a restaurant or someone hosts dinner at their place. We generally catch up with each other about how we’re doing with work and life, and then conversation often shifts to new things happening in the Club, politics, women in leadership, climate, news, etc. We’ve built nice relationships over time.”

Kathleen Stone runs the Writer’s Affinity Group, where the purpose is to help writers at any stage of writing set achievable, self-directed goals. Discussion centers around best methods to get words down on paper (or through a transcription program), feedback on drafts, and how to hold each other accountable, among other topics. Some members have only just started to think about writing a book or article, while others are well into their second or third book. All learn from one another!

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Affinity Groups are open to current Boston Club members only. Pictured is the MetroWest Affinity Group.