Coming Together to Cope with COVID-19: Inclusive Leadership

Today’s learning session is focued on Inclusive Leadership. It’s a term you’ve probably heard, but what exactly is it? And how do we practice it? Read below for a mini learning lesson! If you have feedback for us, please contact Constance at

Inclusive Leadership

There’s a lot of talk in leadership and management circles about inclusion. But humans–anyone who has survived middle school, frankly–can sometimes be quite exclusionary. How can we lead using the principles of inclusion? How can we open up the circle for everyone to participate fully? How do we support people from many different backgrounds? And what qualities do we need to practice and hone to become better leaders?

We’ve put together just a few great resources about inclusive leadership. Take a swing through them. Hopefully you’ll pick up a great tip or two!

Article: The Key to Inclusive Leadership from Harvard Business Review

Report: Getting Real About Inclusive Leadership from Catalyst

Video: The Power of Inclusive Leadership, Bonnie St. John @LEAD

Video: Being Inclusive, Molly Q. Ford, Senior Director of Global Equality Programs, Salesforce at the 2018 #movethedialsummit conference