Coming Together to Cope with COVID-19: Online Learning

We’ve sent our members The Boston Club’s policy and steps being taken during the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, we’ve rescheduled events, cancelled a couple, and converted some into virtual get-togethers. We are all in this together — and self-isolating shouldn’t have to mean isolation, and quarantine doesn’t have to mean no contact.

In this extraordinary time, we’d like to offer webinars and resources for women on any topic that would help us all survive and thrive. We know there’s a wealth of knowledge and experience among our members. If you have experience and interest, please contact Constance at

Online Learning

“Online Learning” seems to be the word of the month…well, after those C-words.  From teachers converting their classroom sessions to online courses, to parents looking for help with kids at home, to first-time-work-from-homers, to those of us just looking for something new to occupy our minds, there is so much available right now.  Here are a few links we found intriguing:

The New York Times created this guide to help teachers and parents figure out the best ways to use The Learning Network for remote learning. It’s free, even if you’re not an NYT subscriber, and offers kids a chance to use journalism to increase skills in reading and writing.

If you’re charged with developing an in-house online training program for your team, or your whole company, this in-depth guide and review from PC Magazine on the best learning platforms for business may be just what you need.

Also from PC Mag, if you’re new to working full-time from home, take a look at these tips for being productive, focused, and staying balanced. Or, from Nextiva, an even more detailed list to set you up for being as effective from home as from your office.

Getting tired of Netflix?  Finished all those library books you can’t return? Been thinking about taking up knitting? Or bread baking? Or drawing? Always wanted to make a cake that looks like an octopus? is offering free classes through April 9 on those activities and many, many more. Most are for older kids or adults, but there are also classes for kids and classes families can do together.