Thank you for your interest in joining The Boston Club. The Club is a dynamic, inclusive organization of nearly 500 professional, accomplished women. Members span many ages, races, ethnicities and industries. We have executives and entrepreneurs, scientists, attorneys, financial advisors, marketing consultants, college presidents and nonprofit leaders, among many others.

We encourage you to join us for an event to get a taste of what the Club is all about. Or, read more about being a member and reach out to us if you have any questions. We look forward to learning more about you!

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We have a great story to tell – about our history, our current initiatives, and our future! Listen to our members and corporate partners tell that story as you explore our new brochure!

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Membership in The Boston Club offers a myriad of benefits, including:

  • Developing associations and friendships with a diverse group of women
  • Connecting with members in both formal and informal ways through in-person events, online events, affinity groups, and peer-to-peer mentoring
  • Attending as many events as you’d like - almost all Boston Club events are included in your membership fee
  • Expanding your skills and learning new aspects of business by joining a committee
  • Accessing board education as well as corporate and nonprofit board opportunities
  • Enjoying a sense of community within the Club, where women are invested in supporting other women in their careers

Membership Guidelines

One of the hallmarks of The Boston Club is the growing diversity of our membership. Every woman in the Club has demonstrated substantial accomplishments in her respective field, leadership in her community, and support for other women in business. We recognize many paths to leadership and each applicant is evaluated on her own merits. Our guidelines for evaluating whether a candidate will benefit from membership in The Boston Club include the following:

  • Demonstrated professional leadership
  • Demonstrated community leadership
  • Demonstrated support for advancing women’s leadership
  • Demonstrated awareness or support for promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion


Dues There is an application fee of $125 and annual dues for new Regular Members are $600. Benefits of membership include attending Club programs and events (most at no extra charge), access to the membership directory, opportunities to join Affinity Groups or be part of our peer-to-peer Mentoring Program, the monthly Newsletter with upcoming events and Member News. The Boston Club bills for membership annually in June each year. Membership runs on the Club’s fiscal year starting July 1 through June 30. New members joining during the year are billed for dues pro-rated to the end of the Club’s fiscal year (June 30).


The application process begins with sponsorship by a current member, who serves as an advisor and reference. Prospective members should apply online. After you submit your application, your sponsor will submit her recommendation. If you are interested in applying to become a member, but do not have a connection to the Club to serve as your sponsor, please reach out to us at for additional information.  Our goal is to help facilitate the application process for all who are interested in joining the Club. We would welcome the opportunity meet with you and to work with you on the application process.

We encourage prospective members to apply online. After your application is submitted, your sponsor will submit her recommendation. You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of your application, which will shared and reviewed by the Membership Committee on a monthly basis. After they review your application, they will either contact you for additional information or recommend your application to the Board. If approved, you will be assigned an Ambassador – another Club member who wants your onboarding experience to be fun and successful.

Once you are approved for membership and pay your initiation fee and pro-rated annual membership dues, you will be contacted by your Ambassador, who will answer any questions you may have and let you know about upcoming New Member events, as well as other Club events.

If you are a member interested in sponsoring a new member, please first assess the viability of her candidacy by looking at the Member Criteria section. Once the candidate applies for membership, you will be asked to complete a sponsor recommendation form. When a candidate has been approved, you will receive a formal notification. She will be welcomed into the Club by an Ambassador and introduced to programs tailored toward new members.

Please contact us at if you have any questions or need assistance!

Contact Us

Application Form

If you have any questions as you fill out our application form, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

    Photo (please submit a photo in jpg format, no larger than 3MB)

    Currently EmployedIn TransitionRetired

    Demonstrated professional leadership

    Please list in detail all leadership positions and/or leadership roles have held in the last ten years. If you are self-employed, please explain your business plan, including financial goals. What results or market impact has your work had?

    Demonstrated community leadership

    Please describe any community/service leadership roles, responsibilities, accomplishments you have had in the last ten years, for example board experience.

    Clear evidence of supporting and advancing women leaders

    Please list examples demonstrating your support for the advancement of women, for example, structured mentoring at work or outside work.

    Commitment to The Boston Club

    Why do you want to join The Boston Club? What benefits are you looking for? For example, expand my professional/leadership capabilities, build my network, advocate for women's causes.

    There are many ways to connect with other Club members and to advance our mission. One of the most valuable ways to connect is through participation on a Club Committee. Please indicate the committees you may be interested in joining or learning more about. Check all that apply.


    Corporate Board: To increase the number of qualified women on boards and executive suites until it is proportionate to their presence in the work force.Nonprofit Board: To actively solicit placement opportunities on boards of nonprofit organizations and governmental agencies and commissions and then recommend qualified and interested Club members to fill the opening.Program: To design, plan and execute the Club's programs and social gathering that meet the needs of Club members for information, perspectives, skills acquisition and network building.Technology: To help The Boston Club grow and scale its operations, enhance membership experience and facilitate communities of members through process and technology infrastructure improvements.Corporate Relations: To build relationships with corporations and identify potential partnering opportunities while increasing revenues for The Boston Club by securing corporate sponsorships.Marketing: To position The Boston Club to internal and external audiences as the premier organization advancing women's leadership.Diversity and Inclusion: To address and measurably improve awareness and sensitivity, as well as the diversity and inclusion of all women leaders in our activities and membership.Membership: To attract, engage, and retain a diverse membership of women leaders representing a broad professional spectrum.Governance: To maintain the Club's position as a leader in good governance; to identify candidates for Club leadership and to assist and support Committee Chairs.Finance: To oversee the Club's financial activities to achieve our mission.Strategic Planning: To ensure alignment of the activities of all Committees with the Club's goals for growth.

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