Our Strategic Framework

Our approach to the strategic planning undertaken in the last year was to create a framework of principles that would enable us to stay true to our “DNA,” but would also allow us the freedom and agility to adapt and experiment. We wanted to honor and build on the aspects of the Club that members and sponsors have valued for over four decades, while enabling the Club to adapt as our members’ needs evolve and the world around us changes at an ever-increasing rate. The Board’s role is to ensure alignment and fiscal responsibility, while we encourage members to engage more, to ensure that they derive value from their membership.

We are striving to provide members with opportunities to:

  • Network and make connections, so they can build their businesses or careers
  • Learn and experience new things so they can enhance personal well-being and professional success
  • RAISE other women AND themselves.

This strategic framework summarizes our work, and we’ll discuss the different elements of it in future blogs.