What are The Boston Club’s Personas?

In our last post about the Club’s strategic planning process, we talked about our common desire for the Club to RAISE us as individual members and collectively – providing opportunities for Recognition, Access, Impact and Showcasing Excellence. This time we’ll focus on the remarkable diversity of the Club and its members, who span different generations, career types, professional stages, industries and identities.

We are committed to having each one of us feeling included and at home at TBC, and wanted to have a way to bring us all together and yet recognize our differences.

As part of our long-range planning process, we borrowed an analytical tool for new product development that enables us to recognize each of our many different parts without putting anyone in a box. Personas are not for market segmentation or categorization. They are, in fact, an empathy tool, helping us to get insight into the motivations that drive people in the different roles they assume – not to describe them literally. They help us to think about our offerings in terms of serving those shifting needs and motivations, and they can help you identify the different facets of your own roles and responsibilities as they change over time.

For example, in a given day, a member who is a Corporate Leader in her work role, may be serving as a Mentor to a more junior person, and also be a Rising Star as an upcoming Board Member.

How many of TBC’s Personas do you identify with? You can also check them out on this page of the website!

Corporate Leader
Mentor/Board Member
Independent Business Owner
Rising Star
Educator/Community Leader