Leveling Up: Resilience

On May 1, The Boston Club held Session 3 of the series entitled “Leveling Up — How to Be Strategic in Advancing Your Career.” The event, featuring panelists Robyn Bolton, Victoria Nessen, and Carol Thomas, and moderated by Rochelle Seltzer, was focused on the topic of resilience.


The panelists readily shared stories of personal setbacks/crises and how they impacted their careers. They all struggled, took risks and reached out for help in their own ways. Yoga, mindfulness and a strong sense of humor helped them move through the difficult phases of their lives and become more resilient along the way.

Rochelle shared with the audience a few minutes of mindfulness teaching, looking at how we live reactively and how in those moments, we also have the opportunity to create. “Slow down, stop yourself, breathe and be present,” she said. “If we go too fast forward, we might miss what we can do right now.”

Rochelle also guided audience members through an exercise, asking them to think of a challenge they are currently facing, then writing an email to themselves with advice based on the things they heard during the session. Afterward, people partnered up to share what they had written. The event ended with many participants engaged and inspired.

The Boston Club would like to thank JLL for their generous sponsorship of this event.