Standing in Solidarity

To our friends and colleagues at The Boston Club,

We stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the black community as we all grieve for the senseless murder of George Floyd and many others before him. These acts of violence and hatred are deplorable leaving us feeling anger, despair and tremendously heartbroken.

As events unfold, it is another reminder of the ongoing societal issues that drive racial tensions. It is up to each and every one of us to listen to, and strive to understand, each other’s experiences, and to lead at all times with compassion and empathy. Change starts with each one of us. We must hold ourselves accountable in our actions and behaviors.

Diversity, equity and inclusion have been long-standing pillars of The Boston Club. We strive to be inclusive and to create a welcoming culture. We are all the more committed to that principle during these difficult times. As noted from the statement on our website, “diversity is the recognition of and valuing of differences amongst members, including and not limited to race, religion, class, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, mental and physical abilities, and work/life balance issues. Inclusion is the action of diversity, how we live, our respect for others and how we effectively utilize our leadership. We believe diversity ensures the richness and vibrancy of ideas, topics and approaches. Ultimately, diversity and inclusion enhances the quality of experiences, promotes engagement, and develops leadership depth”.

Cultivating a culture of equity, inclusion and belonging is our core foundational guiding principle. We embrace this culture of inclusion. We want to be a part of the solution and to impact much needed change throughout our community. Let’s engage in helpful conversations to better understand the inequities that exist and to support each other in unity. To start the conversation, we offer several awareness and educational resources on our website to help and support you.

Please stay well and strong–we are better together.

Best regards,

The Boston Club Board of Directors
Rita B. Allen, President
Nancy E. Nager, Vice President
Karen A. Whitley, Secretary
Jeannine Robbins-Murphy, Treasurer
Donna Bonaparte
Beverly A. Brown
Joan L. Cunnick
Asa R. Fanelli
Jagathi Gururajan
Marianne G. Herlihy
Nancy D. Israel
Joan Kennedy
Theresa L. Mock
Hilary A. Potts
Emily C. Shanahan
Julie Trainor
Wendy Vincent
Fredia R. Woolf
Constance F. Armstrong, Executive Director