Supporting Black Business

One of the best ways you can support the Black community is by expanding your business circles. From professional services to restaurants, stores to plumbers, purposefully looking for Black-owned businesses to patronize is a great way to actively support Black individuals and communities.

Below are some ideas and resources to help get you started. Next time you find yourself going to Amazon to order something, or falling back on the same old contractor you’ve always used, check out this list first!

EAT at Black-owned restaurants nationwide

GET TAKE-OUT from these Black-owned restaurants in Boston

 Black-owned bookstores


HIRE Black-owned business owners across all industries

BUY Black art

LISTEN to music through the Museum of African American History & Culture. Did you know June is Black Music Month?

SHOP, SUPPORT and BUY FROM our Black neighbors in Greater Boston. From full-service laundry and eyeglasses, to skin products and fitness studios, it’s all here!

And for a wider perspective on how important it is to not only support Black businesses, but also support a general redistribution of wealth in the US, listen to this NPR piece.