The Boston Club’s Strategic Planning Process

TBC’s Long Range Plan: Our Belief and Purpose

Over the past year, the Strategic Planning Committee has led The Boston Club through a three to five-year planning process. Now, we are excited to share our conclusions with you.

We have tried to uncover what are the key ingredients that have enabled us to last and thrive for over forty years, and, at the same time, to recognize that the world around us is rapidly changing.

How do we need to adapt if we want to continue to grow, thrive and have a positive impact, on our members, and on the advancement of both women leaders and women’s leadership?

Over the coming weeks, we will blog about what we have learned, to give you a better insight into who we are and where we are going.

As a membership organization, WE ARE TBC, and we, the members, drive what happens. It’s our imagination, our work, our passion and our commitment to the belief and purpose that we all share, that will keep the TBC show on the road.

Our Core Belief, which underpins all we stand for, is:

Women’s leadership has a positive effect on business results, organization success, and society at large.

And our Core Purpose, the reason for all that we do, is:

To RAISE women in leadership and to support them in their ventures.

The term RAISE is an acronym from our research on our members’ most expressed needs:

  • Recognition (of their accomplishments, of women in general, and of TBC)
  • Access (to one another, and to opportunities for personal and professional advancement)
  • Impact (and achievement through association with TBC)
  • Showcasing Excellence (having a louder voice through TBC membership)

In our next posts, we’ll share how our new strategic framework will focus on fostering a culture of Inclusion as we seek to RAISE the possibilities, prospects and experience of all our members.