Who Wants to be an Ambassador?

Imagine this: your colleague said you had to join The Boston Club. She brought you to a couple of events and you met some great women, learned some new stuff, had fun…and then completed the online application to join. A few weeks later, you received a long welcome email, with links to The Boston Club’s social media pages, and information about the website, and encouragement to consider joining a Club committee. A lot to think about, and maybe you started to wonder…how will I meet people? How do I figure out how I can help the Club? Where do I fit in?

Then, somewhere near the bottom of that long message, it said that someone had volunteered to be your “Ambassador.” Not long after you received that email message, you got another one — from that Ambassador, someone who’s been a Club member for at least two years and who has volunteered to help you find out just how terrific your Club membership can be!

In The Boston Club, no woman stands alone! Each New Member of the Club is assigned an Ambassador, who has volunteered to assist with your orientation to the Club. She wants your membership to be deeply satisfying – and knows that the best way to experience the benefits of membership is through engagement and involvement. She’ll want to meet you in person, help to answer any questions you may have about your membership, the Club, events, the website resources, and anything else. She will attend a New Member Breakfast with you. And she can assist you with other important on-boarding tasks such as completing your New Member Profile to maximize its efficacy.

Being an Ambassador is a truly meaningful way to enrich your own membership. The Membership Committee will train you for the role, you’ll learn more about the Club, and you’ll meet other women who want to share the experiences that you’ve found valuable in The Boston Club.

With over 100 women joining the Club each year, we are always looking for more Ambassadors! If your Ambassador made your first months of membership terrific, pay it back and volunteer to help another new member!