Women Finding the Cure: Medical Innovation on the Cutting Edge

On Tuesday, May 14, a panel of distinguished leaders in life sciences came together to discuss the fascinating and ever-changing world of biotech and solving pressing issues and charting new paths in both rare and increasingly common diseases.

The panelists included:

Dr. Aoife Brennan, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Medical Officer, Synlogics



Dr. Deya Corzo, Chief Medical Officer, Sigilon Therapeutics



Dr. Annamaria Kausz, Chief Medical Officer, Allena Pharmaceuticals



Jennifer Reilly, President & COO, Safety Partners, Inc.



and moderated by Kerry Hawitt, PhD, Vice President, Business Operations, Takeda



The discussion was wide-ranging. Panelists talked about how a drug comes to market through many years of hard work by a dedicated team, successful clinical trials and, finally, approval by the FDA. They talked about how risky the industry is, and how failure occurs regularly–and, as one panelist put it, if someone in the industry claimed they had never failed, they were not telling the truth. They discussed how they pitch their companies and missions to venture capitalists to secure funding. And they discussed what it is like to be a woman at the top of the organization, and how few women there are in executive suites and on boards of biotech companies.